GMP Vol. 41 - John Massey - Seattle

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Welcome to GMP Vol. 41. Hope everybody is having a good time. Today's guest DJ: John Massey
Tune IN into some deep PNW techno goodness!

John Massey //

Brooklyn native John Massey has been attempting to damage eardrums for almost 20 years. A child of
the 80s, John transplanted to Los Angeles as a teen. There he discovered an emerging underground
dance scene and was infected with an interest in electronic music. John soon founded Sound Rehab
Productions, connected with influential local promoters and artists such as Omar Ojeda (Darius
Aleksander), Robin Porter, Drumcell and Ron-D-Core and began coordinating techno events and working
the DJ circuit throughout the southern California area. Today John resides in Seattle.

John is the kind of unassuming artists that earns respect rather than demands it, keeping his head down
and focusing on his craft, trusting his instincts to keep the dance floor moving. His current set consists
of a live/dj hybrid that enables John to creatively blend a wide variety of techno, house, minimal and
experimental sounds. As a producer John tackles a variety of sounds ranging from his previous hip hop
efforts under Dysposable Heroes, to his recent techno projects under his own name and previously as
Indispensable Villains. Heʼs affiliated with Seattleʼs From 0-1, a conceptual label which he represents in
his various endeavors. Heʼs released on various labels such as HardSignal, From 0-1, Darknet, 
Subsensory and his own Sound Rehab Recordings. No matter the genre he has always enjoyed working
with various artists giving him the opportunity to make new friends and take in new influences. With
several new projects on horizon 2018 looks to be a productive year for John so keep look out…

Affiliations // 
-Sound Rehab - 
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