GMP Volume 36 - Rob Winter

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Welcome to GMP volume 36. Three year anniversary show. Time flies when you are having fun. And we do. This show guest is Rob Winter from Seattle Washington. You friends are in for an audio treat.

Seattle-based DJ and producer Rob Winter (Möbius Sisters, Studio 4/4) cut his teeth clubbing in Chicago and Milwaukee in the late 90’s. As a farm kid from northern Wisconsin, Rob was introduced to heavy techno and acid house at the the influential scenes in clubs like Crobar and Three. The inspiration and workmanship laid down by artists like Carl Cox, Ralph Rosario, Oscar G, and Psycho Bitch informed his drive to learn to mix with precision and surprise. 

From solidly built opening sets to early morning after hours mind trips, Rob is a capable story teller behind the decks. You can catch him opening big rooms in Seattle for the likes of Richie Hawtin, Alan Fitzpatrick, or Noncompliant, or curl up to one of his marathon 5 hour sets at his residency at The Eagle.

GMP for life.


Rob Winter

Rob Winter