GMP Volume 19 - Miss Shelrawka

October is here. It is time for the next techno hour with Good Mood Promotion. I am very excited to introduce our October show guest: Miss Shelrawka from Seattle, WA. 
Save the date.Keep it loud!

Some information about Miss Shelrawka:

Blasting onto the Seattle scene in the fall of 2008, Miss Shelrawka (Miss-Shel-RAW-ka) is a welcome transplant from NYC to the West. She's been lighting dance floors on fire for 10+ years from the Big Apple to the City by the Bay.

She has shared decks with Sassmouth (Hej Recordings), Julietta (Harry Klein/Munich), Tony Touch (Funk Box NYC), Gene Hunt (Chicago), Bryan Zentz, Pig (Pig & Dan), Drumcell (CLR/Droid), Mike Parker (Geophone/Prologue), Skoozbot, JPLS, Shiva, Truncate, and Donor. As well as with many local DJs and live artist.

Miss Shelrawka’s mixing is as clean as her track selection is nasty! She owns a unique style of techness by creating velvety blends of multi-genre sounds. Whether it be Techno, funky Minimal Techno, Tech House, or a House set -- no matter what, the bass-lines will be saturated!

Catch her way up as she stays busy bringing an original vibe to the underground front lines.
Current Residency: +PLUS Techno