GMP Volume 38 - Carlos Baca - Portland OR

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Welcome back to good mood promotion. It is April 2018. Time for Volume 38. Please welcome tonight's dj guest Carlos Baca. Some awesome techno you about to hear! GMP.

-Carlos B - (RCU, Hue Collective, Roots)

Originally from the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) Carlos B is a Portland Oregon based musician, artist, and educator.
He was introduced to house and techno in grade school. He studied music at young age establishing experience with violin, guitar, and a variety of percussion. He has shared the stage with music artists such as Claude Vonstroke, J Phlip, Zombie Disco Squad, Christian Martin, Gaiser, Pezzner, Justin Jay, Justin Long, Worthy, as well as other well established artists. Carlos has also been showcased at many music festivals including the Northwest House Music Conference. Carlos' style can range from deep and organic into intelligent and minimal . As a veteran DJ Carlos is able to play for the moment all the while maintaining his own personal style and flavor. As a DJ he is technical, detail oriented, so as provide an audio aesthetic that is dynamic, artful, and all original.

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GMP Volume 37 - DeafChild - Portland OR

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Welcome Good Mood Promotion Volume 37. Lets welcome the sunshine and the warmer weather of new spring season of 2018 and dance to Deafchild's dj set recorded specifically for GMP. Enjoy!

 Ian McIntosh ( DeafChild )

Ian McIntosh ( DeafChild )

DeafChild bio:
Residing deep in the Weeeerd near Portland Or, Ian McIntosh aka DeafChild has been a staple of the left coast underground music community going on 16 years now. Working tirelessly to promote forward thinking and intelligent dance music for the discerning psychedelic adventurer, his talents have seen him performing at some of the most memorable events in the North American underground. From the mountains of NW Wa and Or, into the jungles of Mexico, the beaches of Hawaii and Belize, all the way to some of the largest stages at Burningman and everywhere in between. Having developed a style that straddles the hard to define spaces between acid, techno and psytrance, his sound has provided the vehicle of energy needed to become that rare successful crossover artist between the left coast's house/techno and psytrance communities. A dj born of the dance floor with his heart still firmly rooted in the belief that music is the most powerful healing force on our beautiful planet. Current projects include heading the SunriseSocialClub artist collective based out of PDX, and curating the Get Weeerd series of events taking place around the NW showcasing local and international acid music producers and djs. Past event creations have included co-founding and coordinating the Earthdance NW hub event for the Oregon, Washington, Idaho area of the country, as well producing many of the NW's most memorable underground family style gatherings throughout the 2000's.


GMP Volume 36 - Rob Winter

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Welcome to GMP volume 36. Three year anniversary show. Time flies when you are having fun. And we do. This show guest is Rob Winter from Seattle Washington. You friends are in for an audio treat.

Seattle-based DJ and producer Rob Winter (Möbius Sisters, Studio 4/4) cut his teeth clubbing in Chicago and Milwaukee in the late 90’s. As a farm kid from northern Wisconsin, Rob was introduced to heavy techno and acid house at the the influential scenes in clubs like Crobar and Three. The inspiration and workmanship laid down by artists like Carl Cox, Ralph Rosario, Oscar G, and Psycho Bitch informed his drive to learn to mix with precision and surprise. 

From solidly built opening sets to early morning after hours mind trips, Rob is a capable story teller behind the decks. You can catch him opening big rooms in Seattle for the likes of Richie Hawtin, Alan Fitzpatrick, or Noncompliant, or curl up to one of his marathon 5 hour sets at his residency at The Eagle.

GMP for life.


 Rob Winter

Rob Winter

GMP Volume 31 - The Bruxist

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October show is already here. Man, time flies fast... Already Halloween and all the fall festive holidays time. I personally love the fall, especialy after that HOT summer we had this year in Portland. I am happpy to anounce Dhug ( The Bruxist ) as our 31st Good Mood Promotion show guest. The master mind behind Saints Of Bass that make alot of techno events happen in Portland. Prepare for an audio treat! GMP 4 Life.

GMP Volume 28 - JGARRETT

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Good Mood Promotion July session is on this Thursday. 07 13 2017 @ 9pm-10pm PST. Some great techno vibrations from Vancouver BC Canada. The guest name is JGARRET from Vancouver based techno label Subspec. You are in for a treat from Josh, all kind sound in his mix from driving deep techno to ACID. Many tracks produced by Josh. More info on tracks to follow.

Subspec info:

Subspec is a Techno label based in Vancouver, BC working with artists worldwide with a mission to deliver quality forward-thinking music with serious respect for that which has influenced us.



GMP Volume 27 - John Massey

Brooklyn native John Massey has been attempting to damage eardrums for almost 20 years. A child of the 80s, John transplanted to Los Angeles as a teen. There he discovered an emerging underground dance scene and was infected with an interest in electronic music. John soon founded Sound Rehab Productions, connected with influential local promoters and artists such as Omar Ojeda (Darius Aleksander), Robin Porter, Drumcell, Ron-D-Core, Raiz (Acid Circus) and began coordinating techno events and working the DJ circuit throughout the southern California area. Today John resides in Seattle. John is the kind of unassuming artists that earns respect rather than demands it, keeping his head down and focusing on his craft, trusting his instincts to keep the dancefloor moving. His current set consists of a live/dj hybrid that enables John to creatively blend a wide variety of techno, house, minimal and experimental sounds. As a producer John tackles a variety of sounds ranging from his previous hip hop efforts under Dysposable Heroes, to his recent techno projects under his own name and previously as Indispenable Villains. Heʼs affiliated with Seattleʼs From 0-1, a conceptual label which he represents in his various endeavors. Heʼs released on various labels such as HardSignal, Subspec, From 0-1, Subsensory and his own Sound Rehab Recordings. No matter the genre he has always enjoyed working with various artists giving him the opportunity to make new friends and take in new influences. With several new projects on horizon 2017 looks to be a productive year for john so keep look out... 


Sumer time is a great time to be in good mood. June 15 2017 we are having a techno guest from Seattle WA. This person got some talent, I heard him playing at couple parties and he rocked it! Please welcome John Massey.
With an hour of some special techno and amazing mixing skills. I personally loved this set it got some great tracks. This version of his set will be one hour long, however the full version of his dj set will be available on Good Mood Promotion iTunes podcast and YouTube. Play it loud! Zorin.


GMP Volume 19 - Miss Shelrawka

October is here. It is time for the next techno hour with Good Mood Promotion. I am very excited to introduce our October show guest: Miss Shelrawka from Seattle, WA. 
Save the date.Keep it loud!

Some information about Miss Shelrawka:

Blasting onto the Seattle scene in the fall of 2008, Miss Shelrawka (Miss-Shel-RAW-ka) is a welcome transplant from NYC to the West. She's been lighting dance floors on fire for 10+ years from the Big Apple to the City by the Bay.

She has shared decks with Sassmouth (Hej Recordings), Julietta (Harry Klein/Munich), Tony Touch (Funk Box NYC), Gene Hunt (Chicago), Bryan Zentz, Pig (Pig & Dan), Drumcell (CLR/Droid), Mike Parker (Geophone/Prologue), Skoozbot, JPLS, Shiva, Truncate, and Donor. As well as with many local DJs and live artist.

Miss Shelrawka’s mixing is as clean as her track selection is nasty! She owns a unique style of techness by creating velvety blends of multi-genre sounds. Whether it be Techno, funky Minimal Techno, Tech House, or a House set -- no matter what, the bass-lines will be saturated!

Catch her way up as she stays busy bringing an original vibe to the underground front lines.
Current Residency: +PLUS Techno

GMP Volume 18 - The Bruxist

It is time for September GMP show. Good mood promotion is happy to annouce our guest The Bruxist aka Dhug Dailey (Saints of Bass / Chickenhed - Portland Oregon); the master mind behind all Saints of Bass events at St. Johns and at The Liquor Store. For years Dhug was throwing awesome little and big parties for us to enjoy. Warm welcome to Dhug on the hour of Good Mood Promotion. Save the date and time! Keep the levels up!